Marie Curie Developmet Host Fellowships

"Modelling and Computations in Wave Propagation"

(Project funded by the European Commission, Contract No. HPMD-CT-2001-00121)


Research in wave propagation problems of contemporary geophysics:

-Wave propagation in random media (earth & ocean)

-Exploration geophysics: imaging in noisy environment. & statistical inverse theory

-Geophysical flows: water waves, atmospheric fluid dynamics and meteorology.

Research Topics

-Linear transport equations for high frequency propagation and random media

-Meshless numerical methods and subgrid numerical modeling

-Numerical methods for stochastic equations

-Absorbing boundary and transport-theoretic conditions for propagation in infinite domains

-Finite element and finile volume methods, adaptivity and stabilized methods

-Modeling in ocean acoustics and seismic waves

-Modeling of ocean and atmospheric flows

Research group

G. Akrivis (numerical analysis for PDEs)
V. Dougalis (numerical analysis for PDEs, dispersive nonlinear waves)
I. Ekaterinaris (computational fluid dynamics)
Th. Katsaounis (numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics)
G.T. Kossioris (geometric theory of PDEs, hyperbolic conservation laws)
G.N. Makrakis (wave propagation, asymptotic analysis)
Ch. Makridakis numerical analysis for PDEs, nonlinear waves)
J.S. Papadakis (underwater acoustics)
E.K. Skarsoulis (ocean acoustic tomography)
M.I. Taroudakis (underwater acoustics)
A. Tzavaras (nonlinear PDEs, hyperbolic conservation laws)
S.Filippas (nonlinear PDEs, asymptotic analysis)

Positions available


Eligibiltiy conditions and other information for the applicants are given at:

Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Chiara SIMEONI (PhD, DMA/ENS-Paris, 2002)
Period: Nov. 2002-May 2003
Topic:Geophysical wave propagation

2. Manuel Alvares DE MACEDO PORTLHEIRO (PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2001)
Period: March-August 2003
Topic: Hamilton-Jacobi equations

3. Eduardo CUESTA MONTERO (PhD, Univ. Valladolid, Spain, 2001)
Period: March-August 2003
Topic: Image & signal processing

4. Laurent GOSSE (PhD, Univ. Paris IX, Dauphine; CEA, Saclay, 1997)

Period: May-October 2003
Topic: Multiphase geometric optics

5. Omar LAKKIS (PhD, Univ. Maryland, 2002)

Period: Feb-September 2004
Topic: Numerical Analysis of evolution & stochastic PDE


5. Geraldine BOUCHAGE (PhD, CPE-Lyon, 2002)

Period: Sept. 2003-Dec. 2004
Topic: Inverse problems in underwater acoustics


5. Jacopo GRAZZINI (PhD, INRIA, 2003)

Period: June 2004-Jun3 2005
Topic: Remote sensing



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Contact person:
George N. Makrakis
Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Inst. of Applied and Computational Mathematics
P.O. Box 1527, GR-71110 Heraklion, GREECE 
Phone: +30-81-391777, Fax: +30-81-391801